Bay City, MI: Mid Michigan Music Shop

In extremely local news, this Bay City, Michigan music shop will be cranking the metal on the in-store sound system all day today. Rock it, Bay City!

Even the Germans are Celebrating Nigel Tufnel Day

Here’s some stuff in German. I don’t read German, so I have no idea what it says, but apparently it’s very ELEVEN.

Oy, I can only see like the last nine posts. How we get to rest of posts?

Yeah, the autoscroll seems not to be working. They’re all mirrored on the Twitter feed here:!/NigelTufnelDay

November 11, 2011

Rock on, middle aged dude. Seriously. I’m 43, and I can barely get out of bed most mornings. I do have all my hair, though. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

NPR Explains Actual Spinal Taps.

Well, you might as well learn stuff.

November 11, 2011

The guys get into a deep conversation about the nature and meaning of music. Lesson learned: jazz = fear.